Police Job Analysis

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Job analysis is based through organizational psychology to improve an environmental work setting by helping individuals recognize psychological and physiological problems which can hinder the job the person has been tasked to do. This paper will describe the duties of a particular profession; in this case a police detective showing how analysis can be used to the benefit of an individual and department. Different psychological testing can be used to evaluate stability of the candidate and assess the individual's capability to perform. The methods through which such tests can be executed can vary and are used accurately to make sure a person is performing to his or her best ability.

Police Detective Analysis

Detectives have many duties that he or she may perform on a daily basis and in order to let an applicant know what kind of duties he or she will perform on the job, a detailed job analysis is important.

The first portion of a job analysis includes a list of all the tasks included for the job. Some of these tasks include, but are not limited to, analyzing police reports and conducting further investigations to gather more information; securing crime scenes and perimeters by blocking them off; searching for clues and evidence at crime scenes and using records and databases to gather background information on suspects (Police detectives, n.d.). Other job responsibilities for a police detective are: conducting surveillance on people or establishments; taking detailed notes of crime scenes and its conditions; taking measurements and pictures of crime scenes and objects, such as footprints and bloodstains. Once the details and clues from a crime scene have been analyzed, the police detective will then begin interviewing witnesses and suspects to obtain statements from them; aiding in serving warrants and making arrests. Once the arrest has...