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Marisol Mendez

Dr. Cherry

English 13001.71002

15 September 2014


Anyone who has ever achieved anything has had to face many obstacles to accomplish their goals. But what defines their success is never how many obstacles stand in their way, but how many obstacles they overcome. Even though I might have to overcome many tough obstacles in order to become a police officer, I believe that it is important to protect the public and prevent crime.

In order to gain a position in the police force, I will have to pass various examinations, such as a written exam that will be based on correct wording, grammar, spelling and punctuation. This exam seems fairly easy because I am good with language arts and reading. Perhaps whenever it comes my time to take this examination, I will ace it. Physical fitness test, drug test, medical examination, and background investigation are other examinations that I will have to pass in order to work in the police force.

Some relatively common minimum requirements to become a police officer include having at least a high school diploma or GED or a higher college level education, being a United States citizen, at least 21 years old, having a valid driver's license, and having no felony convictions. I will not do anything illegal, I will maintain a good reputation, keep a good driving record, maintain good credit, improve all of my communication skills, practice to improve my observation and memory skills, and become as physically fit as can be. How well I do on written tests and during interviews can be very important when trying to get police officer job. I will have to make sure to prepare for any tests and interviews.

The police academy training also prepares police officers for active duty. The...