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September 15, 2014

Rude customers

Rude customers can make a sales person job difficult, stressful and nerve wracking. Working as a sales person for Target Company has provided me with multiple stories about some of the rudest and most idiotic customers. One that sticks in my mind was a young lady who was calling to ask about some items the store had. She was loud from the moment she started talking. For example, she will tell me that she wanted to speak to the manger. When he come to the phone she would ask the same questions and argue about the same thing. A customer have called me ignorant and stupid on numerous occasions because the items she was looking for is not in the store. One that seemed funny to me was a lady who told me in this country we could try clothes on.

As an employee, we have to follow instructions. I told her she couldn't try the clothes on. You don't need to try on something you cannot buy and loss prevention told me not to allow it. So in her anger she threw away the items she had in her hand and told me that she is never coming back. As rude as they can get, customers don't even bother to read the labels on the items that are being purchased. For example, a customer came screaming at me because she wanted money back for items that comes free with a product.