Police Role Descriptions In The Media

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There are several names that police officers are referred to today, particularly by the media. Police officers have several names; such as protectors, rather than just patrol officers or beat cops. In today's society we have become what are known as a place of personal freedom. These freedoms allow us to label people as we so choose. The news media reporters refer to police officers as crime fighters, social servants, order maintainers, and crime preventers.

In this paper, I will be discussing the four different police role descriptions from the media: (a) the Crime Fighter, (b) Social Servant, (c) Order Maintainer, and (d) Crime Preventer. From these four roles we will discuss whether they are a "real" or an "image" depicted, and then conclude with good media relation strategies.

The first story that im about to tell you is about a Crime Fighter. In Tampa, Florida a deputy sheriff was fired, and all of his pending cases that he had might be tainted after an internal investigation showed that the officer might have wrongfully arrested drivers.

An internal review that was conducted showed that the officer might have falsified reports to depict innocent people as impaired drivers. The officer arrested more than 300 motorists on impaired driving charges from October 2005 to October 2006 (Associated Press, 2007). The problem is that he did not record the incidents on his in car video camera for 40 percent of those cases. In some of the other cases, the video evidence did not match his reports. Prosecutors have already dropped charges in 65 of those cases. The officials claimed that he had failed to follow standard procedures after DUI arrests. He relied on his memory to write reports and conducted DUI investigations with suspects in his patrol car. In my eyes, I think...