Policies on Cuba

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Policies on Cuba

In Juan Rulfo's novel, Pedro Paramo, the reader follows a dusty road to a town of death, where the following is said "Up and down the hill we went, but always descending . We had left the hot wind behind and were sinking into pure, airless heat. The stillness seem to be waiting for someone. ÔIt's hot here Ô I said ÔYou might say, but this is nothing'. My companion relied. ÔTry to take it easy. You'll feel it even more when we get to Comala. That town sits on the coals of the Earth, at the very mouth of Hell. They say that when people from there die and go to Hell, they come back for blankets.'"

This was the view many Americans had of Cuba in the late fifties and sixties.

Cuba was seen as the entrance to hell ninety miles from our shore. Our foreign policy towards Cuba was formulated with these beliefs; as a result the United States assisted in a planned invasion of Cuba, planned the assassination of its leader and set up a political and economic embargo in an attempt to destroy her and her people.

Many things have changed since those time, we no longer see Cuba as the doors to hell, those doors have been rotating among other military strong men, this time in the Middle East. Fidel Castro is no longer the target of any American assassination plans, the United States no longer deals in the assignation of political leaders, now we have allies who are more able and discrete in doing that type of work. The only ancient legacy that remains in our foreign policy towards Cuba is a political and economic embargo...