Policing in the Future: Focus on Terrorism

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Policing in the Future: Focus on TerrorismThe face of policing has undergone change since the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001 better known as 9/11. Previous to 9/11 policing focused more on protecting and serving the community by responding to crime and protecting a community from future crimes. Since the 9/11 terrorist attack extreme awareness of terrorism has been a central focus for police. Police officers are the closest law enforcement available dealing directly with the community and in most cases could be the first to spot terrorist activity. Therefore, the future of policing will continue to change however, as the future of policing changes so does the issues which can arise for individual police officers, police management and issues relating to the community.

Terrorism is the issue on everyone's mind these days. Terrorism is a global disorder which American's have been fighting, and probably will be fighting for many years to come.

Terrorism can be hard to define because throughout history the definition people use to define terrorism has changed as terrorism has changed. One may think terrorism has come to an end however, just when terrorism stop's being a focal point terrorism will return.

Terrorism is something most people are going to be combating for many years to come. As soon as people feel the chances of a terrorist attack are over most people become comfortable and let down on terrorist defense. Americans have been lucky with few terrorist attacks on U.S. soil. However, other countries such as Iraq have not been so fortunate. Therefore, Americans should feel a sense of freedom and pride in knowing terrorism has not been a continuous problem for the United States.

Future policing rely mainly on the type of society being policed-the social, economic and political realities and in more-developed countries,