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Module three test notes

1.Identify the three traditional methods of doing police work?



2. Identify types of police patrol and how they are conducted?

The majority of police patrol today is performed by uniformed officers in radio-equipped cars or on foot. Police also patrol on motorcycles, scooters, boats, planes, helicopters, horses and bicycles. Officers also patrol in golf carts, in all terrain vehicles, and on roller skates. In 1997 the city of Philadelphia started a patrol unit using officers on in-line skates. In 2003 many police departments began experimenting with patrols using the battery-operated self-balancing vehicle called the Segway. The police motorcycle's maneuverability and acceleration make it ideal for traffic enforcement, escort details, and crowd control. Bicycles are quiet and efficient and provide a bridge between motorized vehicles and foot patrol. They provide efficient transportation to areas that are normally available only by walking, such as parks, public housing developments with limited street access, tourist areas, college campuses, business plazas, and sports arenas.

Electric bikes provide all of the advantages of the pedal bicycle but require less physical effort by the rider. Scooters are more maneuverable than cars, yet offer many of the features of a car in a compact space. They also provide shelter from the weather and enable officers to carry more equipment than bicycles. They are especially suited for parking enforcement and specialized patrol on college campuses and business premises. Multiterrain vehicles are useful when officers are required to travel into remote areas such as mountains and beaches. Their low-pressure, high-floatation tires and motorcycle-type engines and handlebar steering provide maneuverability in traversing tough terrain. They can often be used for search and rescue missions. Mobile substations or precincts can be driven...