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Aside from parents, teachers have one of the most important jobs in the world. In

Texas alone they are accountable for the education of nearly 4 million students. (Office

of State Senator Jeff Wentworth).Unfortunately, money can make the difference between

mediocrity and burnout of teaching or exemplary teaching performance and

accomplishment. Do teachers need be paid on the progression of their students? Or is

different plan needed to help further the future of teachers and the intelligence of their

students. Laws that have been experimented with all over the United States show how

hard the obstacle is to overcome. Many teachers in high crime and low budget schools

get different treatment than those private school teachers and high-income public schools.

How can it be made equal for all students and their teachers? Linda Darling-

Hammond is a professor of education at Teachers College, Columbia University, and co-

director of the National Center for Restructuring Education, Schools, and Teaching

(NCREST). She states, "As people suddenly feel that everyone is entitled to the same

quality of education, but the demands of society have changed dramatically. We're

moving from a manufacturing age, which needed a lot of semi-skilled workers, to an

information age, where virtually everyone has to be prepared to think and solve problems

and work on levels that were reserved for a few in the past. Schools have to prepare all

students for thinking work. The task no longer is to sort out those who will get high-

status jobs requiring education; the task is to develop the talents of every individual to

meet society's needs. (Hammond). Society wants kids to be the best they can be, learn

all they can, and enjoy it at the same time. So why is it such a problem to provide? Many

teachers are...