Policy Report on Human Rights

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Policy Report

According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article I (O'Byrne, 2003) "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights" which means that human rights abuses should in theory, be absent across the world. Although it is not absent and which still exists today, it would be unfair to say that Human Rights abuse has been ignored as it remains a (Kinolch and Mohan et al., 2005, p.15) "burning issue". There have been many genocidal cases other than Rwanda, such as in Bosnia Herzegovina, the Armenian Genocide and of course, the Holocaust. These genocide cases were not seen as world threatening, so Human Rights abuse was not seen as an important topic to worry about. However, the Second World War changed everything which had led to the documentation of Human Rights as Hitler arguably nearly succeeded in taking over the world.

In addition to Lemkin's definition, Genocide has been described as "the most extreme form of population cleansing" by O'Byrne (2003, p.299) which had started after the Declaration of Human Rights, which was created in 1948 and also one of the most influential NGOs which is WorldWatch institute that was established in 1974. In this policy report, the NGOs and the UN will be discussed and will conclude if the government and the NGOs are actually working to the best of their ability to stop Human Rights being violated and abused.

The Declaration of Human Rights came about due to The Holocaust. The States, including America and Britain were scared to the extent that Hitler was going, which arguably shook the world. Therefore, the documentation of the Human Rights was created to protect all indefinite rights. The issue is that even though we have documentations of laws and policies to protect...