The Polish Language.

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Polish originates from the group of the Slavonic languages, such as Croatian, Czech and Russian.

Our mother tongue is said to be one of the most difficult languages in the world. Its grammar, spelling and pronunciation creates a lot of problems not only to the foreigners, but also to the Poles. It has a rich, growing vocabulary. On the other hand it hasn't got enough words connected with technology, business and science. Because Poland doesn't keep up with changes in many disciplines, Polish tends to borrow a lot of vocabulary from other languages.

Considering the grammar you can easily observe that Polish is a very inflexional language. Both adjectives and nouns are declined, and in Polish there are seven cases. Verbs are conjugated with persons and numbers. There are three tenses in our language: Present, Past and Future, but each tense has got at least two aspects.

Moving to the pronunciation in Polish there are lots of letters for example: ś, ć, dż, ż, ź, rz, ó, which do not exist in other languages, that is why the pronunciation can create problems.

There are also certain spelling rules. One sound can have two different expressions in writing for example: ch-h, ż-rz, ó-u.

Although Polish seems to be difficult, it expresses thoughts, ideas, feelings and emotions in a very beautiful way.