Political Campaigns.

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Title: Political Campaigns

Political Campaigns are an organized effort to secure nomination and election of candidates for government offices. In the United States, the in most important political campaigns are those for the nomination and election of candidates for the offices of president and vice president. In each political campaign there are nominations and they are made at a national convention (an agreement between states for regulation of matters affecting all of them) proceeding the presidential election. Campaign costs have become enormous, political advertising, especially television, being the greatest expense As a result, parties and candidates need to raise many mill ions of dollars Financial contributions by corporations, labor unions and other organizations, individuals, and federal employees as well as expenditures (the act or process of expending) by the campaigns national committees have been restricted by law. The regulation of this was attempted by the establishment of the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) in 1974 and 1976; the FEC provides public financing for return of funding limits.

In political campaigns corrupt practices in politics, fraud connected with elections. The term also refers to various offenses by public officials, Including bribery, the sale of offices, granting of public contracts to favored firms or individuals, and granting of land or franchises in return for monetary rewards. Election fraud may consist of efforts to influence or intimidate the voter to tamper with the official ballot (vote) or election count. To eliminate some of these practices nearly all democratic nations have passed laws that attempt to safe guard the honesty of political campaigns, elections and officials. In Great Britain the acts of this was in 1883 to 1918, it was defined as a election of abuses and limit political spending by or on candidates for parliament. In the United States have their own...