The Political Climate of the 1970's

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While examining the political and social outcomes of the end of the war in Vietnam I learned that many people were not happy with the outcomes. Many people felt that the war was a political disaster for the United States. Some people felt that when the United States failed at their support of the regime of South Vietnam in 1975, even when it was directly invaded by the army of North Vietnam, the United States lost all credibility as a Super Power. It is felt that the loss of South Vietnam to North Vietnam was a human disaster as well. Hundreds of thousands of South Vietnamese were murdered by the Communists of North Vietnam. Huge numbers of other South Vietnamese were imprisoned for their political positions. Tens of thousands South Vietnamese people fled the country to get away from the communists. The collapse of South Vietnam led the communists to become powerful in nearby Cambodia.

Here they went on a rampage that ultimately killed an unbelievable 2,000,000 people. In the United States, the war had been so poorly led and supported that it nearly ruined the American military. People felt that Presidents Ford and Carter were so inept that they added to the chaos. "When President Reagan took office in 1981, he began a campaign to rebuild American credibility and military power. This campaign consisted of small, relatively insignificant military accomplishments to help rebuild morale in the military and society. Among these, Grenada and Libya, were small, cheap, and relatively bloodless fights, but achieved the goal of re-establishing the United States as a dominant world military power" (Renka, R., 2003). Many of the refugees of South Vietnam have settled in the United States where they have formed tight social groups that are generally quite successful economically. The North Vietnamese continue...