Political Correctness: A controversial piece about how political correctness is dominating the public school system.

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As many of you know, I am the public school battleline correspondent. I hold this title because my job is to manifest one of the main goals of this site--to expose the liberal indoctrination in public schools. I scoured the internet looking for David Horowitz-- America's most outspoken academic freedom crusader. To my dismay, his only focus is on colleges. Even then, he was still of help, as reading his site reminded me to finish reading "The Shadow University", by the founders of "FIRE", "Alan Kor"s and "Harvey Silvergate."

As I delved into the book's wealth of information, I came upon an interesting chapter discussing political correctness. It was busting the myth that "political correctness is a myth created by bigoted Christian white males." I couldn't agree with them more on their parsing of what political correctness really stands for.

Political correctness is ever-present in our public school system. When used correctly, it can create a comfortable learning environment for everyone.

Nowadays, it's being abused to strip away the intellectual freedom of our students. Teachers use political correctness to teach things like anti-Americanism, anti-McCarthyism, and to lie to the students about the REAL state of affairs in this country

The liberal public school system is exactly the same as the liberal media; the only two things it's good at are censorship and omission. Even the best public schools in the country are studying the most revisionist of curricula. Borrowing from Horowitz's site, "you can't get a good education if they're only telling you half the story." I think it's time our teachers and textbook authors stop lying to us students.

Take the Newton public schools system. Their dedicated to promoting a "comfortable environment" for every individual to learn. While this is good-intentioned, just like communism, it's corrupt and...