Political correctness in teacher evaluation.

Essay by NelthariusHigh School, 11th grade September 2005

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It's that time of year again: course and teacher evaluation time. If you want my brutally honest opinion, Spanish and Health education are the two most boring courses I've ever had to endure. Health on its own gets repetitive--ever since 6th grade, they've been teaching us the same things: say no to drugs and don't have sex. Not to mention, the teacher this year takes the message of the curriculum way too seriously, yet has nothing to back up her sentiment. Spanish was fun until this year, when the curriculum suddenly changed to nonstop a cappella singing of cheesy love songs (made it even worse when the only thing the students would ask the teacher is "can we sing?" just to avoid work). I've lost all enthusiasm, and as far as I can tell, those two courses are the only two courses I don't do my homework in.

I would love to tell my teachers straight how much I wanted to kill myself during their classes, and I'm sure many of my teachers would love to tell me the same.

Problem is, I, like many of my peers, am afraid to even make a hint of my bold opinion on the evaluation form, fearing I will offend the teacher. Some of us are even too scared to write "this course could use some more interactivity." Why are we so timid nowadays?

I blame it on political correctness and the constant promotion of universal self-esteem. Those two on their own can have books and books filled with rants about how they promote more repression than independence, and loads more about how they don't work, but I digress. Eleven years of being indoctrinated by this dogma has given me the mentality that offending anyone will bring about Armageddon. I love my teachers,