Political Ideology

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SharRon Byrd

November 14, 2014

PSC 230 02

Dr. Williams


Political ideology is the forefront for political parties and the issues in which they believe in to be more important than the way another party may feel about the same issue. This is what makes politics, politics! In class we discussed Liberals, conservatives, populists, and libertarians. Liberals are somewhat more tolerant to the way the citizens may feel on a particular political issue. Liberals for example are more unprejudiced to gays. Liberal ideologies are more amongst the Democratic Party majority of the time. Social liberals and populists would not want the government taking into account there political powers to evaluate and come up with a decision for gays to be married.

Conservatives are somewhat old fashion or traditional in there opinions on political issues. Republicans tend to be more conservative on political issues. As for the opinion on gays for Republicans or (conservatives), they feel that it is not of tradition or of natural order to allow gay marriage.

Social conservatives and libertarians feel that the government should not interfere with traditional governmental policies. Economic conservatives and liberals debate daily on economic issues within society which makes-up the ideology of government parties and what they feel and represent.

As for me the best ideological label would have to be democratic. Democratic because I am for the people and I feel that people that do need help in life as citizens of the country they live in should be able get help, economically, socially, and even job opportunities. On the other hand I feel that as of moral values and the way life should be I am more conservative when it comes to allowing gay marriage. My opinion of allowing gay marriage should be left up to the government...