The Political Influence of Islam

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Islam is a religion that has influenced politics in the Middle East. Most people in the Middle East study the religion of Islam and it is a religion that is taken very seriously. Since people in politics are also Islamic, politics are sometimes swayed because of it. But to talk about now we first have to go back to the origin of the religion and its ways.

Islam was started by a man named Muhammad. He was everything you can possibly be when it started: arbiter, judge, military commander, political leader, and much more things. He controlled both the religion and politics in the area. What was so different from this religion to others was that Muhammad would tell people things that God supposedly told him. They were sometimes about the religion and others were how they should act in the community. The point of the religion was the ways of politics and religion would be no different from each other.

Things stayed like this for a little while but could not last that long. Muhammad died as people always do and that is where the trouble came long. People could not agree on a new leader since they would not be hand picked by God himself. Eventually it was decided to have someone else lead the community but because of this happening there was a major separation from political and religious power.

Islam was originated to be a unity of politics and religion. They have separated and are different from each other now. They still do work together sometimes but it is a rare thing now. Political leaders now base decisions on political needs making it harder to not ignore religious beliefs. Sometimes though they come to the same conclusions and are both satisfied with each...