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In E.J. Dionne's article titled "They Only Look Dead" he expresses his views on the current American government. He also writes about a strong group of people in today's society that he calls the "Anxious Middle." This group of people desires a government that will work for them and benefit everyone in the country. They are said to be anxious due to their strong will to see everything work in the government the way they wish. This class has hope that the government will act in favor for them and help them to a better life, but are skeptical as to if or how the government will do this. They are always pressuring the elected officials to work in with them and represent them the best the person possibly could. They are always asking to have programs being made to benefit them as in tax cuts, health care, and welfare.

They are eager as to get things done and to make things work for themselves. However, when the people give the governors this power to rule over them and make decisions for them the people become very nervous. They do not want to give up power away that they will be misguided and abused by the elected officials. This constant struggle and worrying is the big problem with the Anxious Middle class. These people want government to help them but are always very worried and anxious that the government will lie or hurt them in some bad way. There are always nervous hopes that the government will help, but in the end they hurt the people. This group of people is looked at as being the average middle class American. The term "middle" in the name "Anxious Middle" refers to the common American who does not really identify them...