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Green Party

The Green Party was formed after the 1996 elections to fill avoid in national Green politics and to help existing parties develop. Their purpose is to build the Green Party into a political alternative to the United States. They have broad policies that range from protecting the environment to human rights and social justice. Their symbol is the sunflower. Currently 152 Greens hold elected offices in the United States. There were .11% of registered voters are Green, that is a total of 194,873 people, in 2000.

The Green Party has ten key values that they work for. The first is "grassroots democracy." This ethic says that every human being deserves a say in decisions that affects their life and not to be forced to the will of another. Second, is "social justice and equal opportunity," which all people have the entitlement and opportunity to benefit equally from the resources provided us by society and the environment.

"Ecological wisdom" is the third standard. It states that societies must operate with the awareness that we are a part of nature. Next is "non-violence," and that it is crucial that we develop effective alternatives to our current patterns of violence. The fifth value is "decentralization." The centralization of wealth and power contributes to social and economic injustice, environmental destruction, and militarization. Therefore the Greens support a reforming of social, political and economic institutions away from a system controlled by, and mostly benefiting the powerful few. "Community-based economics and economic justice" is the next value. Under this value the Green Party recognizes that it is necessary to create an active and sustainable economic system. Also local communities must look to economic development that makes certain of the protection of workers'rights and the environment; broad citizen participation in planning; and "enhancement of...