Political Philosophy

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In the essay on "Political Philosophy" the views of Plato, Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, John Stuart Mill, Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, and Herbert Marcuse were shared to answer the question, "Who should rule the society?". The "who" in question doesn't specifically refer to one person, but more a "group of persons or kind of persons that ought to exercise authority over others, and what goals they ought to attempt to achieve in doing so."# There are four main issues in this essay that are elaborated on to answer the question of who should rule the society they are: (1)those concerning the nature of man, (2)degree to which society is possible-the living together of men in some organized arrangement, (3)what form or forms of society ought optimally to take, (4)what the realistic possibilities of achieving these goals are.# Two things that Confucius refers to in "The Analects" are the tao and te, which mean the way and virtue.

There is no doubt that these two are thought of in pairs, to be virtuous is the way. Through out this essay you will see how much or how little Confucius relates these topics to his form of an ideal society, and those who rule it.

Plato thought that two elements would make up a good leader, knowledge and justice. He combines political epistemology and moral character as being the key to having a happy society and a happy ruler. In book one Confucius said, "In guiding a state of a thousand chariots, approach your duties with reverence and be trustworthy in what you say; avoid excesses in expenditure and love your fellow men; employ the labour of the common people only in the right seasons."# Doing duties with respect, being trustworthy, avoiding extra spending, and loving your fellow man is Confucius'...