political socialization

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Political Socialization

My earliest memory that sparked a political viewed reaction was the first World Trade Center (WTC) bombing in 1993. I had stayed home that day and it was during the week, I cannot remember why and the show I had been watching was abruptly interrupted by the local televised news, it cut to people running up and out of the subway station under the WTC in New York. I was sad, I was mad; I couldn't believe this had happened in the U.S having already served in the gulf it made no sense to me an attack had happened here. After that I remember watching Rush Limbaugh, I cannot really remember what he was yelling about back then, I could only hope it was more sane and logical then the yelling he does today. I know it was a conservative message, I imagine blaming it on the new democratic President taking office and that the terrorist took advantage of the U.S.

since it was a democrat in office and therefor weak on foreign policy. Rush is a persuasive speaker and would not continue to be poplar today if he was not. I was uneducated in politics, I did not ever really pay attention and I was still fairly young, easily convinced and I can remember talking with my father and him sounding like I had lost my mind when I agreed with what Rush was saying. After that I don't really remember anything sparking a political interest, the world and I… had moved on from what had happened in 1993.

I joined the Navy in 1990 and it really was a huge change in my life, and it was not a politically motivated move, I joined to get away from a small town way of life. It is...