The Political Threat of Christ

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this is a compartive study of the politics in the life of christ and the grand inquisitor by dostoyevski -

The Political Threat of Christ

The Political threat of Christ felt by the Romans and the Jewish authorities does not conflict with the accusation made by the Grand Inquisitor that Christ rejected the chance for worldly power and was interested solely in the salvation of his followers. Both the Romans and the Jewish authorities were concerned with the influence that Christ would have on his followers, and the kind of changes that his presence, if acknowledged and legitimized, would have on the Jewish society. The Grand Inquisitor accuses Christ of rejecting the chance for worldly power. The very characteristics in Christ that are rebuked by the Inquisitor are also those that are most feared by the Romans and the Jewish authorities.

History has shown that an upset in the political make-up of a society does not always come from the top.

Very often, as with the example of Christ, a leader emerges quietly among the people. This leadership is not always intent on upsetting the balance of hierarchy , but as a result of teachings and demonstrations that conflict with the status quo, ends up threatening the sitting leadership because of the legitimacy given to the new teachings by the people. As the new leader becomes more and more popular, the threat to the present system grows as well. There can be only one teaching, and one source of authority for any given people if they are to remain united. If more than one source of authority and teaching exists within a society, than the people must choose which to follow and hence become divided.

The Threat to the Romans

The Romans have been referred to as among the most...