Politics And The Supreme Court

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The American people at large could be considered as being political.

Not that they all participate in politics but it does play an important role in their everyday lives. One way or another politics will have something to do with their everyday routine...from the regular "Joe" down the street to the most highly respected and influential judges serving on the Supreme Court.

It is in the nature of all humans to get involved where they feel they are concerned; where people feel they can benefit.

The Supreme Court of the United States of America is one branch of the American government which many believe should remain apolitical... not ignorant just not get involved in too many of the political areas which can cloud their better judgement.

The Supreme Court does have a specific set of laws and rules it must follow and does so most of the time but it does however get involved in highly controversial cases and has been the subject to multiple scandals.

This paper will attempt to demonstrate the laws that bind the U.S.

Supreme Court and how they sometimes step over them. It will show how at times the Supreme Court has been too political a branch in the governmental process.

The Court's original jurisdiction is not exclusive however and thus a larger debate has arisen over Congress' power to strip the Court of jurisdiction to hear appeals in such cases as abortion or school prayer.

During the past several decades, Congress has from time to time confronted bills abolishing the Supreme Court's appellate jurisdiction in controversial and hot topics of the time, including desegration, abortion, apportionment of stte legislatures and school prayer among others.(3) But it this direct congressional power over the Supreme Court's jurisdiction, that gives legitimacy to the Court's ruling. No one...