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1. Why is it important to seek justice?

Australian society is preparing itself for the announcement of a federal election that will give power to a representative political body that will determine the future platform that the people of Australia will be governed by. As a democratic society all Australian residents will be entitled to vote for a political representative that best reflects the personal beliefs and values of the individual.

History has shown that the promised policies by the political parties will be many and varied and will include a theme of being fair and just for all in providing a society that offers equal measures to ensure equal opportunities.

Political ideas such as justice, formulate the policies that have a deciding impact on the day-to-day lives of Australians and are based on theory developed into practice.

In this essay I will define justice, compare my view of justice with a variety of popular theorists and show support of my view by example.

The term justice within a diverse community such as Australia denotes a variety of theories in many, and no meaning in others. It can be a complex definition of explanation around the idea that all humans are of equal worth and deserve to be treated fairly with a proportionate amount of community resources available to them, or simply as described by Graycar and Jamrozik as 'fairness in the distribution of resources, rights, opportunities and duties'.

These theories are developed from concepts regarding what justice is and express a variety of thought ranging from conservative ideology to liberal ideology and many variations in between. Ideology is a particular view of the world and how it should be, not what is. This is known as normative political theory and is the basis for shaping politics.

My personal values...