Politics Of Honk Kong and Relations with China.

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"Hong Kong's relations with China"

During the Imperial Era Britain had expanded its empire by setting up trading colonies around the globe. It had still yet to tap in too the rich markets of China. The British exported great amounts of Opium and traded it to Chinese colonists. Many Chinese became addicted to the drug. The Chinese government facing a crisis decided to band the substance. This in short caused the Opium War lasting form 1839-1842. The treaty Of Nanking ended the Opium war and granted the British rights to trade in several Asian seaports including Hong Kong. In 1898 the 2nd Anglo/Chinese convention granted Britain a 99 year lease on Hong Kong Peninsula and Kowloon. This was very different form other British colonies because it was only a temporary lease. In the early eighties many Hong Kong citizens became concerned with their future. Citizens feared the Britain would sell their future short in order to make good political relations with China .The

concerns of most Hong Kong citizens seemed unfounded after the takeover. The Chinese government has continued to support the one country two systems and allow political and economic freedoms to Hong Kong.

Honk Kong citizens enjoy a high degree of political and social freedoms. A fundamental part of the Honk Kong Special Administration Region is the Basic Law. This law was drafted by China without the consent of Britain as a mini constitution for Hong Kong (Ogden , 51-75). The National People's Congress of China used this document to outline where Honk Kong's jurisdiction stops and Beijing's takes over. The Basic Law allows Honk Kong freedom in politics, the economy, social services, free speech and press. Many Hong Kong's citizens thought the basic Law was an outrage to there people when it was first released in...