"Polling Day".

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Classification essay. The essay contains what groups of voters we have, the reasons for voting the way they do, and the consequences on society. Full five paragraph essay, supportive details and examples.

Polling Day

When it comes time to vote one can usually classify voters into three distinct groups. Each of these groups has their own reasons for voting the way they do. Not only do the groups effect the elections and laws, but also their long-term consequences on society. They also effects how campaigning is handled before voting time. The three main groups are religious voters, issue voters and no voters. Lets see what the characteristics of each group are and the effects they have on the election process.

We'll begin by examining religious voters. Religious voter does not mean voting based on a particular religion. It means these voters are at the poles on every single polling day.

These are the people that meticulously study their sample ballots, look closely at every issue, and then decide on each candidate. Candidates make sure that they focus their campaign toward these voters. They know that these voters are going to be making their decisions based on the information fed to them repeatedly. Religious voters are very loyal to their party and its individual candidates. Candidates trying to force issues such as funding education, to try and persuade the religious voters, spend money each year on advertising campaigns and lobbying efforts.

Then there are those who are not so religious, known as issue voters. Issue voters vote only when someone or something they feel strongly about is presented to them. A good example of this is the recently outspoken marijuana voter. Whether their reasons were fueled by medical or recreational legalization, these voters found the...