Pollution Essays and Causes.

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The economy is slowing, third world nations have political unrest, and Susie is distraught because she cannot decide what to wear to school tomorrow. These seem to be the problems that society is extremely concerned with today. The thing that is so shocking is the fact that humans are so caught up with material possessions and their egocentric problems that they are blinded from the big picture. If we don't preserve the physical world that we live in, there will be nothing to enjoy the fruits of our labor on. I had the opportunity to watch a very inspiring video this past week, and I see things a lot differently now.

The story of Inky, the pigmy sperm whale is a very moving tale. The whale beached itself for some unknown reason off the coast of New Jersey. Immediately, everyone around came to the attempted rescue of the suffering creature.

The whale was airlifted to the Baltimore Aquarium, where marine biologists began to try to decipher the problem with the ailing whale that they came to call Inky. Inky continued to weaken and not eat, and no one could understand the problem. After many tests, a startling discovery was made that traumatized everyone. It seems that the problem with Inky was that she had eaten a large amount of plastic that had been drifting in the ocean from careless polluters. The biologists were able to remove the plastic contents of the whale's stomach and begin rehabilitation. Slowly, the animal began to gain its appetite back, and began to gain some energy. Soon, Inky was back to her normal self, and the biologists took her back to her normal environment and released her.

One of the most impressive aspects of the video was how amazing it was that everyone...