Polygamy: Another Option

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After reading the article "My Husband's Nine Wives" by Elizabeth Joseph about the issue of polygamy, and realizing how it works in a real life instance, I think that the author purpose and main point of discussion is to show us that polygamy, and the kind of life it expresses is not something shocking, unmoral and deplorable in our modern day society. Polygamy is just something different and one example of the diversity of habits and lifestyles that exists in the world. That has its own pros and cons and which some people may approve, finding it appropriate to fit their needs and some people may reject it at all costs.

Supporting polygamy, all it involves, and if you choose to live by it or not, is certainly something very serious to think about. There are many points to look at when discussing about the subject of polygamy. But certainly there are a few things to make sure that people understand before entering to a debate: what is polygamy? Is monogamy the best model to follow? Are polygamous marriages a problem or a solution?Some people may have different conceptions or ideas about polygamy and what it is; very often these impressions are based and born upon the general perception in which polygamy has been seen in our present times.

People usually think of polygamy as the situation where one husband has more than one wife at the same time, but the truth is that they are not referring to polygamy properly; the Webster dictionary defines Polygamy as: "The having of a plurality of wives or husbands at the same time". As you can see a woman can have several husbands and she will still fall into the category of polygamy. But what people are referring to by polygamy is actually...