Pool safety for children and how to ensure that children are safe when playing in backyard pools. it includes government regulations.

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Children and water areas:

Not only is swimming an activity enjoyed by most young children, but it can be one of the most healthy forms of recreation. Unfortunately, as most parents know, the swimming pool and surrounding area can pose very real hazards. Children are curious creatures who love to explore new terrain actively, this can cause significant complications to families who live or play around water areas such as pools, dams, spas, rivers, ponds, creeks and the beach. Children are not able to competently swim independently and therefore certain measures need to be addressed in order to prevent accidents or fatalities occurring as a result of water related dangers. The particular situation that I have chosen to explore revolves around crowded family homes (such as on celebration days) where a pool is present and the children are free to run around and explore amongst each other in the backyard without constant supervision from one parent or caregiver.

Identification of potential dangers of the situation:

Whilst observing children at play in the particular situation aforementioned I came across a multitude of potential dangers which compromised the safety of the children. I attended a family 'get together' which included over twenty five persons and twelve children under the age of 7 years.

List of potential dangers and their outcomes:

Unsupervised play around the pool area:

A child could jump into the pool quite innocently to collect something that fell in or to simply go for a quick swim. The fact that there is no one parent continuously focusing on the supervision of the children could result in a child incapable of swimming ultimately falling in and drowning. A child can adequately keep themselves above water on their own and without the correct measure of supervision it could be too late before...