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Pre-AP (Honors) Biology Summer Assignment

This summer you will start a journey of exploring some aspect of your world through a science project that will not end until late November or early December.

1. Purchase a composition notebook, with sewn pages NOT a spiral or glued notebook. This will be called the "LOGBOOK" since you will record not only your thoughts as you contemplate a problem for your science project, but also record all of the pertinent information as you prepare for the experiment, record your data, and analyze your data. This LOGBOOK will be graded the first week of school and throughout the process including the final project. The LOGBOOK is critical to competitions - do NOT remove any pages and do NOT use whiteout, if you make an error, cross it out with a single line. If you make errors while collecting DATA you should write your initials and date beside the line (this is not necessary during the summer assignment).

(You also need to purchase a folder with prongs and pockets for the project)

2. Set up the logbook writing ALL entries in INK. The right column shows examples of the pages.

Number each page on the right side (suggest in the lower right corner of the page)

Do not number the back of the pages

Patricia Zalo's Logbook

June 13 2014 -


Make page 1 the Title Page which would include your name and dates of use

Make page 2 the Contents and include the first two sections of the logbook with the page

page that section begins. You will NOT include every page on the Contents page.

Please don't skip lines.

Contents 6/13/14

Timeline 3

Summer work 10 2

The next 7 pages will be labeled with each month you have through December...