Pop Culture

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Pop Culture

In the 1920's a lot of things where going on such as crime, changes in the way people live, a boom in the economy and etc. This changed America to what it is now it made it a new era and without it America would not be what it is today. This era has made a big change on people living in the United States. One of the big changes would be that it made a huge change in Americas economy, and made it a country of great wealth, also made few laws that some did not like such as the eighteenth amendment. In short terms the 1920's where it had made America come into the modern age and made its mark on history. This made their future life a bit easier.

During the 1920's there were many changes and new productions. Many people had enjoyed life because it made life easier.

It was the time where people would buy things that to love to use, buy and watch. The 1920's was the time where revolutionary mass-production had allowed American workers to produce more goods in a short amount of time. This made company's make money much faster because they could produce their good faster than before, therefore this allowed them to work shorter hours and make more money. Then allows them to have more relaxed life style and enjoy their free time and spend their extra money. To help get rid of this extra money and free time entertainment was booming, things such as Sports, Movies, music and etc. Sports were a big thing because it was something that America did and watched during their free time and allowed people to spend and make money. Babe Ruth was a baseball player admired by many people because he...