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Pop culture can be defined as “A shared set of practices and beliefs that have attained global acceptance and which can be normally charecterised by: being associated with commercial products; developing from local to national to global acceptance; allowing consumers to have widespread access and are constantly changing and evolving.”As an avid fan of the reality television series “Big Brother”(BB) taking up copious hours of my life, I began to wonder at the world-wide phenomenon of this TV series.

“Originating in the Netherlands, the game show is revolutionary in that contestants are monitored 24/7 for up to 3 months in a house that they share with the other contestants”But first I must examine as to HOW and WHY this is a popular culture.

Big Brother thrives on commercial products in order to gain acknowledgment by viewers and to achieve popularity..Most evidently it is throughout certain commercial products that provide this.

KFC’s twister wrap is a heavily supported and promoted by BB, Being shown before each segment of the show. BB is also heavily supported by 3 mobile, Harvey Norman, Sony and LG, which are commercial products mentioned within prizes housemates receive through Friday night live (a segment within the show) or being evicted or ultimately winning. Also this year’s introduction of a new advertisement for BB would be starburst. Not only did it advertise on its products about BB but it also gave viewers an opportunity to enter the house.

There are infinite ways you have access to big brother, which helps this pop culture to thrive. Ultimately there is Television, where the show is publicized. We have the internet where, you are able to find out information about the contestants, the show , the house, upcoming events, whose up for nominations, ability to buy and bid for items with...