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In an ever shrinking world, in which the technology and mass communication has reached its peak and yet, ever growing, a cultural and intellectual amalgam between different groups is bound to occur. Indeed such an amalgamation is nowadays reality. 20th century men witnessed in few decades a drastic change in the cultural core of the bulk of communities around the world, and furthermore, they shift in their perception towards life and its values. Since the very creation of diplomacy till nowadays, enormous efforts towards the demolishment of boundaries between the different cultures and ethnic groups had been attempted. However, the culture boundaries had always stood strongly on their grounds. However where the diplomacy failed a new medium succeeded, one which was never originally intended for that purpose, but yet managed to root itself in all most every modern community on earth and penetrate in our value system and believes. That medium is widely known as the pop-culture of the 20th century.

The aim of this assignment is to present the pop culture of the present day, and to show its implication on the modern day world. However, the focus is not so much on the historical development or current state of the particular phenomenon, but rather on its importance as well as its use as a tool of intercultural communication.

Whenever we venture, to travel we are bound to find people very different from ourselves. Cultures in two distinct communities are never identical and as we know well, although sometimes they might be similar still a sharp differences will always be present. We all sooner or latter, embark on situation in which we feel distinctively foreign. In such situation it is that instinctive and normal human reaction that pushes us towards the attempt to search for bridge between us and...