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On November 27th, 1095, Pope Urban II held a meeting with the Council of Bishops, at Clermont France. The purpose of him holding this meeting was to motivate the bishops for a Crusade. At that time, the Byzantine Empire was being attacked by the Seljuk Turks, and they were threatening the attack at Constantinople any day now. When the Pope received a letter from the Emperor of the Byzantine Empire describing the horrible, gruesome treatments the Christians were getting, Urban saw this as a way to reunification because it was almost as if his enemies were begging for help and as a distraction factor as well. The Pope then made a speech to the people, that was meant to motivate them to help in many ways. After reading through each version of the Pope's speech, there were a few differences in the way they were recorded.

In the speech read to us in class, the version written by Robert the monk, it is very into detail of what the Turks were doing to the Christians.

He wrote about how they were being tortured and having their intestines ripped out and others unpleasant treatments like that, but he also had the motivating factors that the pope had in his speech. He told them that they should not disgrace their ancestors and telling them that if one is held back from going because of family, friends, etc., that person will not be rewarded with heaven. This version of the speech was not as "sugarcoated" as the version of Balderic of Dol.

As opposed to the version by Robert the monk, Bladeric of Dol puts Pope Urban II speech to the people a lot less in depth with the unpleasant details and he just basically gives an overview of the fact that the...