Popular Culture - displayed by the film; james bond - The World Is Not Enough

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The World Is Not Enough

Creater of James Bond: Ian Fleming

Author: Raymond Benson

Director: Michael Apted

Popular culture is the culture which is adopted and appeals to large masses of people, normally the middle class citizens. Culture consists of the customs and civilizations of a particular group. Popular culture is produced by a small group of people, some of which include movie stars.

"Nowadays, character James Bond has the same significance in popular culture as Winner-the-Pooh or MacDonalds"(www.kirjasto.sci/ifleming.html, para 1). Ian Fleming, creater of James Bond, invented the British Intelligence secret agent to provide a fantasy which every male can imagine being for the short time they are in the cinema providing a relief from reality. Not only does it create this fantasy for the male audience, it provides a handsome, brave and charming (just to name a few of 007's characteristics) dream man that most females can only dream about having.

"The world is not enough offers beautiful women, a range of vibrant locations, edge of your seat excitement and inventive adventure"(www.kirjasto.sci/ifleming.html, para 1).

The film, like most, utilizes the binary opposition of good verses evil with the protagonist triumphing in the end. James Bond is on a mission to prevent Elektra King with assistance from world renowned terrorist, Victor Zokas (Renard), having complete control of the world's oil. Bond faces many challenges along the way and gains assistance from good friends; Valentine Zukovsky (a million aire who knows who's doing what when it come to terrorism), M (head of MI6) and Dr Christmas Jones who has a degree in nuclear physics.

Character James bond was created by Ian Fleming based on his lifestlye as a British intelligence spy. However, Bond was altered in many ways to create Fleming's dream lifestyle. Fleming's Ideologies are portrayed through out the...