Popular Mechanics

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The story we are discussing today is written by Raymond Carver he has great success in writing short stories and his main area of focus was on marriage and issues leading to breakups. This story which we are discussing right now is from Raymond carver's story "Popular Mechanics". What We Talk about When We Talk about Love: Stories. The story talks about an ordeal of a young woman who has married his loved one two years ago and now the lover is separating from him as he is frustrated by his marriage life and his habit of alcohol consumption is making his life miserable, these types of family issues arouse usually in our society as addiction to drugs, alcohol or any other substance can be harmful to children in the house or people in the surrounding. People who are addicted to drugs and alcohol are left alone many times due to their bad behavior with family members and society, intoxication of drugs and alcohol leaves a person in no control of himself as a result he takes a decision and talks with no control what he is saying.

This scene of the story gives me a feeling that the couple is living in a small house in a poor locality as the story underlines that the roads are not made and the snow water is standing on streets as the author writes "Early that day the weather turned and the snow was melting into dirty water" . The sunny day which has already an impact on frozen ice outside has impact on the lives of this couple.

This piece of story tells that the man in frustration and intoxication comes to his house and without talking much started to pack his bags, his wife on seeing his...