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WHAT MAKES YOU POPULAR Extended Definition Essay What makes oneself popular and the others not? Who is the being that drew that line between the cool, and the invisible? Was he popular himself? These days, our society has put people into categories and groups. Much like a crayon box does. Take a typical school for example. You have the outcasts, which can be red. The jocks, which can be blue. The preps, which can be yellow. And your popular group, which can be green. These groups can be put away separate, but one person can put them together. Like say in a coloring book. The problem is, there are still those lines dividing them up in between. And if you go out of the lines, it just looks silly. So what would happen when you mix your jocks and preps together (blue and yellow). Does it instantly make your popular group (green)? No, it just makes a weird shade of pine green.

Popularity is like that. It is confounding and unnatural. So how does one define it? As I read through the dictionary under popular, it gave four definitions. The last one being the one that appealed to me the most. It reads "liked by many people."� When I read that I just think well, if you are nice to other people they will be nice to you. Therefor, many people would like you. And you'd be popular. That's not how it works.

On second thoughts, high school students describe popular as having many friends. Having your name called while walking down the hallway. Getting notes from people. Wearing expensive clothing. Getting many phone calls. Being beautiful. Having lots of money. Having an expensive car or having an older boyfriend or girlfriend.

Adults would describe popular as being...