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Choice #1""Letting the money lead: Using Economics: the demographic transition that accompanies industrialization.

Advocates for following trends in the economy point out that this is the least infringing solution. The government stays out of individual's reproductive lives and out of their wallets. Most advocates would cite past economic movements that altered both birth and death rates. As countries move toward industrialism their demographics change radically. During preindustrial stages the birth rate is high due to a high mortality rate. As the country develops, the birth rate drops, as does the death rate. When industrialization begins both the mortality rate, because of healthier conditions and medical technology, and the birth rate, due to higher education and increased costs of living, lower significantly. Advocates argue if the economy is left alone and given a chance to develop, the population will begin to level out.

Proponents cite individual rights as a key benefit to this choice.

Because the power hungry hands in government are kept out of this plan, the benefits are widespread. Businesses will be free to grow and develop new and improved technologies. All people will have the right to embark on adventures as entrepreneurs. With a developing, or an already powerful economy, the freedom of an individual's marketable ideas and creativity will be unstoppable. With industrialization gender roles will change. As industrialization occurs, women will be brought into the growing workforce. Women will have freedom of their will, their bodies, and their money. Education, in a competing economy will be invaluable to both sexes. As women advance their educations and have the opportunities to earn their own money, their rights and efforts toward equality will increase. With increased education and marketplace competition, many unwanted births would be prevented.

If the economy is left in charge, countries around the...