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The Population of BahrainBahrain is a country located in the Middle East. It is considered the smallest country in the Middle East which is on the east cost of Saudi Arabia. It was an individual island with geographic coordinates: 26 00 N, 50 33 E, but now it is connected with Saudi Arabia by the King Fahad causeway "the tallest causeway that connects two countries in the world" which was officially opened in 19861. It was a country a couple of years ago, but it doesn't exist anymore because it was declared a kingdom in 2005. It is composed of a group of small desert islands with a total land area of 665 square kilometers2. It's 3.5 times the size of Washington, DC3. What I want to show you about Bahrain is the general population of it, a comparison between two years of population growth, and the percent of the religions in Bahrain that are compared with its population.

The population of Bahrain was 629,090 in 1999, but now it is 724,6454Including 235,000 non-Bahrainis (Source: CIO - July 2006 estimate) so, it has increased5. But the population rate growth has decreased from 2% to 1.45% between 1999 and 2006. (2006 estimate)6. In addition to that, the birth rate has decreased also which were 21.86 births/1,000 populations in 1999, and now it is 17.8 births/1,000 populations, but the death rate has unfortunately increased from 3.24 to 4.14 deaths/1,000 population7. Age structure is logical from what are mentioned. See next tableTable 1: present of age structure.

19992006Ages%MaleFemale%MaleFemale0-14 years31%97,31694,70827.4%96,56794,65015-64 years67%249,594169,33769.1%280,272202,45165 years and over2%9,2418,8943.5%12,75311,892From the table, we know that males are more than females by almost 2,600 between the two years in age structure from 0 to 14 years. Also we can notice at the same age structure that...