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Owen (Yen-Wei Lin)


In recent decades, the world's population has suffered a never seen before increase on its number. According to a report of the United Nations, the number of population in the world had estimated at 7.2 billion in 2012 with the average annual growth rate at around 1.1 per cent, and it could reach 8.1 billion by 2025 and up to 9.6 billion by 2050 (Wilmoth 2013).

Our busy 21st century world contains a vast number of people, and it has surpassed in written history. With many recent advances in medicine and more food deliver to less wealthy countries, our population continues to increase rapidly. Some people consider these face stable existence, eventually start using a world population control policy, others point out the obvious moral questions and human right questions, and raise a lot of public debate in a way not seen. An example is The Plane - documentary, it describes the ongoing rising population; it will effect on the planet, and need to implement the population control policy.

Some countries such as Africa and Asia have started to feel the strain of enormous overpopulation. Indeed, overpopulation causes more obvious problems in our life; include food shortages, pollution, increased disease problems, decreased quality of life, and economic crises. Therefore, the government should control how many child a family can have, it not only affect the quality of our life, but also aggravate the environment. For our next generation can live a better place, we should implement it validly.

Frist, the government should control increasingly population to keep the world resources strong and extend the world's life span. Although there are many ways to cause pollution of environment, population control play a pivotal role in preservation of environment. With our population grows, indeed, it is the impact...