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Eureka is prepared to introduce a product for which the only requisites for success are large populations, sustained population growth and, the potential for returns based on Foreign Direct Investment. The background information needed to ascertain the aforementioned requisites were "The 2005 World Population Data Sheet", and the report from the Global Business Policy Council. These two reports provided statistical information regarding population and population growth, as well as, the current and projected levels of Foreign Direct Investment.


According to the 2005 World Population Data Sheet the ten countries with the largest populations, from highest to lowest, are China, India, United States, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Russia, Nigeria and, Japan. By the year 2050 the estimated growth rates show a change in this order so that the country with the highest population will be India. In 2050 India will be followed by China, United States, Indonesia, Pakistan, Brazil, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Democratic Republic of the Congo and, Ethiopia.

The 2005 World Population Data Sheet also reports the percentage of the population living on $2 USD per day or less. Factoring this percentage, along with population growth indicates that several of these countries should not be considered for the sale of our product. The following list approximates the population which earns more than $2 USD per day for the years 2005 and 2050 respectively.

Approximate Population Earning $2 USD or More per Day

In Order of Size


China 690 / 762

U.S. 296 / 420

India209 / 309

Brazil147 / 203

Russia132 / 102

Japan127 / 100

Indonesia100 / 152

Pakistan56 / 100

Bangladesh24 / 39

Nigeria19 / 23

*Population in millions

Foreign Direct Investment Factored with Total Population

The numbers for Foreign Direct Investment, as of 2004, indicate that China, the Unites States and India are...