Population Issues Report – Western Lowland Gorilla

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Introduction:The Western Lowland Gorilla is found in Africa and is an endangered species and soon will become critically endangered. In figure 1 is a picture of the Western Lowland Gorilla. These animals main food is bamboo, which is being used for building supplies in some areas where they live. There are many other reasons why these gorillas are becoming critically endangered and this report will explain them.

Fig. 1 Female Western Lowland GorillaBackground Information:The places that the Western Lowland Gorilla lives in are; Lowland tropical forests in Cameroon, the Central African Republic, the Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and Nigeria, as you can see in figure 2. These animals are slowing declining in number, due to logging trees in their habitat, Ebola virus, people keeping them as pets and killing them for food and other things as well. Even though these gorillas are more numerous than some, they are still classified as endangered and soon critically endangered because of their population number dropping so fast, due to the factors mentioned above.

Fig.2 Where the Western Lowland Gorilla is found.

Population Impact:The population of the western lowland gorilla is declining. The figures say that their population has declined by 60% in 20 - 25 years. In figure 3, you can see the decline of the gorilla's population. Some of the reasons for this happening is; habitat loss, hunting and disease. In Central Africa, logging trees for timber has become a major export earner. In the Congo Basin, where most of the western lowland gorillas live, have already been lost or leased out to logging companies. The Gorillas are normally hunted for their meat, pets, and their body parts are used in medicine and as magical charms. Some of the gorillas are dying because of the Ebola Crisis. It's said...