Population in Turkey (1925 - 1975)

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In order to see the social development within a certain society we need to examine the population issue in detail. The changes in economic, social and cultural aspect influence the population extensively. Investment policies, the areal selection of important projects, migration and the emigration also have such influences. The applications in healthcare sector, birth and mortality rates, and their regional distribution play important role in population. By populating the similar instances we can say that the policies adopted in economic, political and cultural field can affect the population.

Without considering the structure of population it is almost impossible to constitute remarkable decisions concerning the social aspects. The changes in the population and the other areas are inter-dependable factors. Indeed, the changes in population and economy in Turkey have always been dependent on each other. In this study the changes in population from the beginning of the republican years till now is examined.

Increases in populationTurkey population has been increasing since 1923. The first population census was made in 1927 and 13 million 648 thousand habitants were officially enumerated. According to some assumptions the population of Turkey in Turkey is estimated to be 13 million 248 thousand. In 1975 the population was 40 million 198 thousand. From 1923 to 1975 the population increased about 26 million 914 thousand, namely within the given period the population increased three times. One of the most primary reasons for this increase was the recapture of Hatay.

Table 1 Population Increase in TurkeyYearsPopulationAbsolute Increase between numbersAnnual Increase192313.284192713.6483646.7193516.1582.51021.1194017.8211.66317.0194518.79096810.6195020.9472.15721.7195524.0653.11827.7196027.7553.69028.5196531.3913.63924.6197035.6054.21425.2197540.1984.59324.2Source: SSI, Turkey Statistics Almanac, 1977It is estimated that the first population census made in 1927 doesn't reflect the real numbers and the real population of this period is believed to have been 250 - 400 thousand. Due to the general diffidence from military service obligation, tax paying and because...