The Populists party

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In the late nineteenth century, farmers, tired of all the unnecessary suffering they were forced to endure, created a new political party, the Populists party, to address their problems and needs. The farmers were a resilient and determined group of people. They faced many hardships living all alone on their farms. It was near impossible for the average farmer to rise above his station in life. Everywhere a farmer turned there was another adversity on the horizon. The farmers suffered because they were not of the business elite nor were they part of the teeming industrialized cities. Also, the federal government was not listening to the farmers being that they were under the sway of the industrialists. The farmers felt that the main reasons for their economic misfortune was the corruption and elitism that ruled the country, the lack of money in circulation and the fact that the government was no longer a government of the people.

The farmers were undergoing an economic decline, at every turn they faced a multitude of financial obstacles. The railroads were the farmers primary means of transporting goods across the country. The railroad companies would often overcharge the farmers, and unknowingly to the farmers, the railroad companies price?s would often vary in order to increase the companies profits. Also, the warehouses, where farmers stored their goods often charged extremely high rates. At this time there was a excess of crops and this overproduction tremendously lowered the price of food, to the farmers dismay. Another unfair burden the farmers were forced to carry were the regressive land taxes. These taxes strained the farmers already small profit, since they based their fortunes on their land, thus they had to pay huge taxes. On the other hand, the rich industrialists did not need to worry about these...