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Sexual morality has declined in America today. The immoral life can be seen all

around us. We see it in drugs, alcohol, movies, magazines, gangs, teenage pregnancy,

pre-marital sex, and society as a whole. A person can walk into almost any convenience

store and purchase a magazine depicting naked women. Videos and movies with graphic

sex scenes can be rented or watched in any movie theater. They have become more

common than ever before. Almost every movie with an 'R' rating will have at least one

sex scene. Even Forrest Gump, a highly acclaimed movie, had a sexual act and nudity

involved. Also public television has been known to show nudity and sex. Allusions are

made to sex in every part of our life. Work, school, sports, and recreation are all forums

through which unhealthy sexual views are expressed.

One of the more predominant and obvious forums for the proliferation of

unhealthy sexual desires is pornography.

Pornography is displaying the human body in a

perverse, sexual way. It can be found in film, magazine, television, on CD-ROM, and

even the internet, and can range from 'soft-core', depicting natural poses and action, to

'hard-core', or depicting sex combined with violence, that any reasonable, decent, well-

adjusted human being would recognize as horrible and disgusting. Much pornography is

socially acceptable, with few people actively speaking out against it.

Pornography can be bought at many 'adult' or 'adult novelty' shops. One only

has to listen to any popular local radio station after 8 P.M. to hear strings of

advertisements for local pornographic outlets. Television advertisements are shown

also, but not as often as on the radio. Pornography is so socially acceptable in

today's society, that it is protected by the same amendment to the constitution that allows

Pro-Life groups to protest abortion, the...