Pornography and the Government

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This essay is done on the subject of government regulation on pornography. It argues two main points: 1) Governments do have the rights to regulate pornography and, 2) Mainstream Christianity should not support government regulation with pornography.

When this paper was graded the teacher stated that my paper (which is 5 pages long) was really about two subjects. If you are going to use this paper I recommend going with one or the other subject and building on it from there. The teacher (and I agree) does not like the introduction. In fact he recommended that I could take out the first three paragraphs and still not hurt the essay.


The soldier approaches with the blindfold which the miserable man gratefully accepts. Would anyone see the sweat breaking off his brow or that the blindfold was now drenched, the condemned man wondered? It did not matter that everyone that day was sweating in the unbearable heat; this man would be sweating even if the day were a cold chill.

Why, one asks, is this man going to die? Was he monster? Did he kill, rape, or savagely beat someone? No, in this imaginary scenario this man is being put to death for his ideas, words, and actions. Not in America, one may state in shock. We have progressed too far for our civilized nation to ever repress our First Amendment right.

Surprisingly, one may find that even in today's America there is talk in our highest governing offices of taking away our right to the freedom of speech and press. Those that are for taking away this right, disguise their efforts in the hideous mask of pornography. The purpose of this essay is to prove two essential points: first, is that regulating pornography creates the foundation for the...