Pornography and its place in our society

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What exactly is pornography? According to the Merriam Webster online dictionary, pornography is defined as the depiction of erotic behavior intended to cause sexual excitement. This definition, in, my opinion, is rather generic. However pornography is not an easy model to define. It is, in fact, impossible to define because everyone holds their own definition. Pornography is an opinion, and not a definable concept.

It is the opinion of some, that pornography has no place in our society, and therefore, should be banned by our government. I will attempt to explain to you, and clarify, why pornography not only should not be forbidden, but has a definite place in our society.

The United States of America affords all of its citizens certain unalienable rights. These rights are outlined in the first amendment of a document known as the Constitution of the United States. The first amendment gives us the freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and the freedom of press.

Our country was molded after this document. When our government starts taking away its citizens rights, it sets a very dangerous precedent. Should the government revoke our rights simply because a select few are offended by the message or images contained in a particular subject. Occasionally white supremacist groups organize rallies and demonstrations, preaching the word of hate. We may be personally offended by their message, but they have every right to assemble and speak their mind. If you deny them this right, then you would also have to deny everyone this right, which in turn could alter this counties future as well as its history. Could you imagine if there was no "I have a dream" speech, or no million man march. Of course not! These are obviously different subjects but they hold precisely the...