Pornography debate.

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When I first heard Ron Jeremy was coming to my school I thought to myself, what is our school thinking? All of my friends were saying "You have to go see Ron", as everybody knows he is a famous male porn star. I decided to go to see him, only it was not that simple. I have a business class Monday nights at 6 till 9, and Ron Jeremy was coming to speak at 8. My professor let us out early, and I got there at 7:30. As I arrived to go see Ron speak there were a massive amount of people at the front of the building banging the doors to get in because they stopped letting people in. I waited outside in disdain, because I really wanted to hear the pornography debate. I was about to go back to my dorm after waiting out front for about 30 minutes.

Then suddenly a couple of my friends said lets get in through the bottom door. So my friends and I walked to the side of the building to go see Ron speak, as we opened the door we went through a series of steps until we found the right way to get up to the auditorium. I walked in and sat down like I was already in. It was an interesting story and I will never forget how I broke into the building to see Ron Jeremy.

After hearing the debate I was very glad I got to see him. When I walked in Ron was busting a joke about his pornography career. He was funny but yet very informative. This whole experience was amazing. It is really awesome to see someone in person who you see in movies and on television all the time. By going to this...