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INTRODUCTION Portable entertainment has evolved from the cassette Walkman to the CD Discman and now to the portable DVD player. Vi Parris, the Director of Employee Relations, has decided to give sales personnel, who spend the most of their time traveling, one of these portable DVD players. This perk is to strengthen the corporation-employee relationship. The purpose of this report is to recommend a portable DVD player. The portable DVD player must meet the following requirements: · Playback format must be able to read DVD and CD · Remote control · Weigh less than 3lbs.

· Input jacks for headphones · Screen size larger than 6" This report will include a definition and description of a portable DVD player, along with a comparison of three brand names that manufacture portable DVD players: The Panasonic DVD-LA95, the Sharp DV-L80U, and the Toshiba SD-P1500. These three DVD players will be compared on the following basis: · Additional playback features · Screen size · Sound quality · Battery life · Size and weight · Zoom capability · Price DEFINITION/DESCRIPTION A Digital Versatile Disk (DVD) player is an electronic entertainment component that uses lasers to scan the binary code information from the grooves of the disks.

The portable DVD player is a one-piece component comprised of: the outer shell, LCD screen, speakers, control panel, disk bed, the drive, microprocessor, and powered by a battery.

Data is both spun on to DVD's and CD's similarly, microscopically in grooves that run spirally around the disks, the difference is the smaller track size of the grooves on the DVD's. The format of stored information on a DVD is called MPEG2 (Moving Pictures Experts Group layer 2). A DVD holds close to 7 times the amount of information that a CD-ROM can hold, 4.7...