The Portable Faulkner And Cold Mountain

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Inman of Cold Mountain was a wandering soldier with no specific destination. In a way, Inman was an alien to the world. He was a good man with a good heart and good intentions. He definitely battles for some sort of identity and survival while in the south. "The days blended uneventfully together, though he tried to mark something down in his mind from each of them. One day he remembered only as being composed of hard course setting. There were many roads turning, all of them unmarked by sign-post or blaze so that he had to ask the way over and over." He just went along his way without much of a care in the world except to keep his wounds from becoming worse. Throughout his journey, upon his escapes from the hospital, Inman came across many different people and circumstances. The primary example, to me anyway, of his kindness was when he stops the preacher from killing the woman that he had gotten pregnant out of wedlock.

Inman saved the woman's life and even went as far as to bring her back home and put her in her bed. He also saved the preacher's life by stopping him from killing the woman. Not many people would have taken the risk of saving someone else's life while risking their own. Inman befriended many interesting people along his way, but never once did he try not to help them or not show kindness. The goatwoman that helped heal all his battle wounds with some herbs and other different spices, was someone who was especially kind to him during his hardships. "Inman waited a long time for the goatwoman to come back. Dawn rose, and he blew out the lamp and broke some sticks to put in the little stove. He...