Portfolio Selection Paper

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Portfolio Selection Paper

FIN 402

August 14, 2006

Portfolio Selection Paper

Portfolio selection is a critical step in the investment process when deciding on which securities and stocks to purchase. Team E was asked to select 5 securities and one publicly traded bond in order to comprise an investment portfolio. The five securities that were chosen were Home Depot, Walt Disney, Motorola, Wal-Mart, and Ford. The publicly traded bond that was chosen for this portfolio was American Funds Bond. Each of these companies will be analyzed by their financial reports such as the 10K, quarterly, and annual reports, general economic data and Federal Reserve data. Each stock and bond is detailed to their specific highlights that are important for determining how much to invest in each company.

Home Depot


Home Depot (2006).

On June 22, 1979, Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank changed the home improvement industry when they opened the First Home Depot store in Atlanta Georgia.

Home Depot is the world's largest home improvement retailer and the second largest retailer in the United States. Home Depot carries over 40,000 items and has 2,042 stores. Each store has approximately 105,000 square foot with an additional 23,000 square foot for the outside lawn and garden center. In addition to selling home improvement items and garden supplies, they also have thirty-two retail stores called Expo Design center, Eleven Home Depot Landscape Supply Store, and two Home Depot Floor Stores located in Texas and Florida that sells flooring products. 2005 fiscal sales of $81.5 Billion and they employ 345,000 associates (The Home Depot. 2006).

The Home Depot. (2006).

The store has vision to keep growing and expanding for the next five years, they are projecting sales between $23 billion and $27 billion by 2010...